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The André Marie Ampère Research Federation (FR3127) regroups the six research entities in physics and astrophysics at Lyon :

  • the Institute of Light and Matter (ILM - UMR 5306),
  • the Physics Laboratory of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (LPENSL - UMR5672),
  • the Nuclear Physics Institute of Lyon (IPNL - UMR 5822),
  • the Laboratory of Advanced Materials (LMA - USR 3264),
  • the Lyon Center for Astrophysics Research (CRAL - UMR 5574),
  • the Lyon Institute of Nanotechnologies (INL - UMR 5270).
These laboratories being affiliated with several CNRS institutes (INP, INC, IN2P3, INSU, and INSIS), their activities cover the domains of materials science, nanosciences and nanotechnologies, atomic and molecular physics, optics and lasers, optoelectronics, biophysics, astrophysics, cosmology, physics of elementary particles, and theoretical physics, with numerous contacts to other disciplines. The six laboratories associated with FRAMA are involved in  three LABEX projects (laboratories of excellence):
  • iMUST - Institute of Multiscale Sciences and Technology (groups from the ILM, the LPENSL, the IPNL, and the INL),
  • LIO [PDF - 757 Ko] - Lyon Institute of Origins (groups from CRAL, the IPNL, and the LMA),
  • PRIMES [PDF - 1 Mo] - Physique, Radiobiology, Medical Imaging and Simulation (groups from the IPNL and the ILM).

Situated at the junction of these different laboratories, FRAMA coordinates the evolution and supports the seven technological platform that are equally open to academic and industrial actors:

  • the Lyon Platform for Experimentation on Aggregates (PLYRA)
  • the Center of Nano-Opto-Technologies (NanOpTec),
  • the Lyon Platform of Experiments under Extreme Conditions (PLECE),
  • the Platform of Nanowires and Nanotubes of Lyon (P2NL),
  • the platform of Analyses and Ion-Beams for Radiology and the Environment (ANAFIRE), 
  • the NanoLyon technological platform,
  • the Technological Center for Microstructures (CTµ, in common with the Chemistry and Biology).

 Three other platforms, which belong to the Chemistry Research Federation of Lyon (ICL), are likewise associated with FRAMA :

  • the Common Center of Optical Microspectrometry (CECOMO),
  • the Lyon Center of Magnetometry (CML),
  • the Interdisciplinary Center of Mass-Spectrometry of Lyon (CISMALY)

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